Regional Pastors

   Welcome Regional Pastors !

You are such a VITAL LINK in assisting both ministers and churches in their search processes. Thank you for taking time to get started with CHOG Ministry Connector.

This site is designed to be a connecting tool giving churches and individuals the opportunity to post pertinent information about their church or themselves in hopes of making more informed decisions.

As Regional Pastors you will:

  • Be able to search for and view all open positions
  • Be able to view minister profiles that have been shared with you (ministers' choice)
  • Receive email notifications regarding ministers, churches and positions
  • View your information and search positions and ministers on My Page
  • Be able to help churches without internet capabilities in posting their position


After you create your account you will be asked to select and complete an introductory profile. Upon authorization as a user, you will receive an email notification.

When a church first sets up an account you will be notified. Your approval for the church to actually post a position is required.

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